NPDEV – Developing with Cisco Network Programmability v1.0


5 days

List Tuition : $3,595.00 USD

Course Overview

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This course is for software developers looking to automate network infrastructure and utilize APIs and toolkits to interface with SDN controllers and individual devices. You will learn about topics covered by the 300-560 NPDEV exam, leading to the Cisco Network Programmability Developer Specialist Certification.

  • Network engineers
  • Field engineers
  • System engineers
  • Network designers
  • Network operations
  • Network automation engineers
  • Network programmers
  • Network developers
  • Software engineers
  • Application developers
  • Develop network applications in programmable environments such as ONEPk and XNC
  • Develop applications to address use cases in WAN, DC, and campus environments
    1. Course Introduction
    2. Networking Fundamentals
    3. Device Programmability
    4. Cisco ACI
    5. Cisco APIC-EM Module
    6. OpenDaylight SDN Controller
    7. Network Programming Tools and Techniques

    Lab 1: Explore and Configure Device using CLI

    Lab 2: Explore YANG Models

    Lab 3: Use YANG Tools

    Lab 4: Use NETCONF Via SSH

    Lab 5: Use the pyang Tool for Sample XML

    Lab 6: Use the ncclient Python Library

    Lab 7: Use YDK

    Lab 8: Use RESTCONF with Cisco IOS XE Software

    Lab 9: Use the Documentation Pages

    Lab 10: Run Native Python Scripts on Cisco NX-OS

    Lab 11: Use Cisco NX-API on Cisco NX-OS

    Lab 12: Configure Cisco NX-OS Device Using NETCONF and CLI

    Lab 13: Use Cisco APIC Web GUI

    Lab 14: Explore the ACI Toolkit

    Lab 15: Use Postman for Cisco APIC Fabric Discovery

    Lab 16: Use Python and Cisco APIC REST API

    Lab 17: Use Cobra with Tenants and Related MOs

    Lab 18: Use Arya to Generate Cobra Code

    Lab 19: Access the Cisco APIC-EM Web User Interface

    Lab 20: Configure Network Device Discovery Job

    Lab 21: Work with Device Inventory

    Lab 22: Use Locations and Tags

    Lab 23: Create Cisco APIC-EM Internal Users and Examine User Roles

    Lab 24: Use Browser Developer Tools to Examine REST APIs

    Lab 25: Use the Swagger API Pages

    Lab 26: Use Postman for Discovery

    Lab 27: Use Python with Cisco APIC-EM

    Lab 28: Use the Python uniq Library with Cisco APIC-EM

    Lab 29: Install ODL Distribution and Use Karaf to Manage Features

    Lab 30: Examine the Feature Manager Application

    Lab 31: Examine the YANG UI Application

    Lab Discovery 33: Experiment with NETCONF

    Lab 34: Use ODL with Cisco IOS XR Software

    Lab 35: Explore Nodes DLUX User Interface Application

    Lab 36: Examine Toaster Service Sample Application

    Lab 37: Examine ODL Inventory Model

    Lab 38: Run Your Own ODL Distribution

  • CCNP or equivalent experience (CCNP, CCIE, CCDP, or CCDE is required to obtain the NP Design and Implementation Specialist certification)
  • Complete the Programming for Network Engineers (PRNE) course (or equivalent Python programming experience)
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